Develop Better Web

It is certainly not a news that website has become part of the strongest elements on the web. It can be there on the web for many reason and there must be people who stands behind it; creating, organizing and maintaining it. Website today has gone through so many changes compare to some 20 years ago when Internet first exist. It has become a lot better compared to those times when load threshold could take around 10 to 15 seconds for a page. Web owners today should strive to develop better website and by better, we mean that it should be from the future.

Trends always change in every aspect of life and web is one of them as it is also the bigger part of the Internet. In order to develop a better web, you should keep in mind that although whatever information there is on it stays, nothing about the interface or user experience should be constant. If there’s one thing about the internet that changed, that is definitely the one that always change.

Remember how buttons used to be 3D on the web? And it’s usually grey in colour? The shape is more defined and rectangular? Well now that is not the case and that’s the proof that even the smallest element on the web goes through changes.

People today are more particular about what should be or what shouldn’t be on the web. Some even resort to a simpler one. No need too much images and colours. These people look for balance in terms of the design as well as the optimization. More images means more things to load, it makes the page heavier.

So, when you want to develop a better web, keep in mind that old trend dies eventually, you only have one choice and it is to go forward, you might like some web trends from the 2015 but you can be the only one, and we the web design Malaysia companies don’t want that. As a saying goes, go with the flow.

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